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I always had the gift of seeing and a very strong sense of inner knowing. That voice and feeling took me through life, and spirit has never let me down. I was born in Salem Massachusetts and come from a very traditional Greek family including a lineage of Greek psychic women healers dating back five generations on both my maternal and paternal sides. From a young age I was sensitive to people’s intentions and I trusted that knowing. 

From the age of three, I could see the many forms of Spirit, including people’s auras. I was afraid of the things that I knew about people and what was going on in their lives. I would spend summers in Athens, Greece with my grandmother, Eleni, who taught me how to read coffee grounds, the real art of tasseography. I started reading coffee grounds just for fun, but that practice revealed gifts that I couldn’t ignore.  At the tender age of 14, my budding awareness of this hyper sensitivity to my surroundings expressed itself as social anxiety; for me, growing up was not very easy


By the age of 19, I had mastered the ability to read the grounds and bought my first tarot deck. I started to have the experience of Spirit visiting me in dreams, and I now know that I was astral walking to the Akashic records before I had real-time knowledge of what that meant. I was recalling so many of my past lives at a time when this was not really talked about. Spirits of those who had passed on would visit me in dreams to give me messages for their loved ones. This is where everything changed for me.


I was still fearful and now questioning, why am I here? In 2010, I started sitting in mediumship circles and psychic development groups. My life completely changed from that first circle, and my questions and concerns about doing this work were answered by a visitation from Archangel Michael! When he appeared to me, I thought  it was a dream. His message to me was that I am a light worker and I am here to help mankind with my gifts. 


I am the oracle, a psychic and a mental/trance channel medium. I am here as a light worker to help people with their choices in life. I am a reiki master healer and I also am a generating manifestor, clients come to me to get their start in the right direction in their life. We are all here for life lessons, I help with getting rid of any energies and things that do not serve you. I am here to help you find your light! Sitting in psychic fairs and traveling all over the world. I have clients all over the world, Australia, England, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, and Throughout the US. I read coffee grounds and tarot for groups and parties.


It amazes me how spirit has paved this road for me. I am in awe of Spirit!! Being open to the public and working with the public was one of my fears. Sitting in many psychic fairs and groups and working with wonderful healers has made this road very smooth for me. I have worked and met many famous people in this industry, John Holland, Tony Stockwell, and James Van Praagh, to name a few. I cannot even begin to tell you the wonderful people and clients who have become more than clients to me. I have had wonderful opportunities, traveling to the UK and being welcomed by spiritual organizations.


In 2015 I opened a shop in Salem Massachusetts and it was quite magical (Lady Irene and Company) and I loved running this shop. The struggles were keeping up with the finances and running a business as a whole. I learned so much of what I was capable of and I knew in my heart that I am here to bring the light into Salem. My family has given me so much support, that I decided in 2017 to close the shop and move into a smaller reading studio. Giving up this adorable magical shop broke my heart, but it was the right thing to do. This has allowed to me have the time to teach and run workshops.


I am Lady Irene, a Psychic, Transchannel Medium, I channel the oracle to give you messages that come from my soul and higher self to you. I read coffee grounds and use them as ways to see spirit and give you what you need to hear from. Spirit. I am a conduit of the divine, my higher self-connects with your higher self. I am a manifesting generator, what you are here to manifest for you and your future I help you connect to that energy.

When you come to me, my sessions are 30 minutes to 60 minutes. The prices are 75.00 to 150.00

Booking a session, includes a coffee reading and tarot oracle, angel cards and mediumship. You get it all!

A coffee reading takes time, as you sit for your session you will be served a cup of Greek coffee and as you take small sips, you just set your intention of what you would like answers to. With that intention I take the cup from you and swirl it around and spin upside down. As your coffee grounds create your story, we will pull cards and start your reading. I prefer to work one on one as information starts coming through me. It is very important for you that you are open to what comes through as well. If you are a skeptic, please do not sign up with me. I am here for your highest best!!

What I do goes back many lifetimes, I have been taught by my spirit team with love and light. Thank you for taking the time to read my story!!! For that I am truly grateful.

I am in awe that I have clients that call me all over the world, especially when you have celebrity’s assistants calling you for sessions. This is truly a proud moment for me!!! Doing what I truly love!!!

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