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The Sacred Light Oracle

Hello, welcome! I am Lady Irene, a psychic medium and Reiki master healer.  I channel the Oracle to give you messages that come from my soul and higher self, for you. I am a conduit of the Divine, my higher self connects with your higher self. This is a soul to soul session where we connect on a soulful level. Working with Spirit and my guides to help you heal and also give you the clarity you need at the time of your session. I am working as a wayshower I am guided from my Spirit alliance and the higher collective to help you on your journey. 


So many of us are here on this earth plane as light workers and healers to help mankind. 

Being in the light and working with spirit and the divine light, I am here to help those that need clarity and direction in their life.  I am here guided by my alliance team of angels guides ascended masters and healers. I work with the divine intelligence that is part of me and all of us to give you the answers and the healing that you need. What is holding you back in life ? What is your souls calling ?  I am here for you. 

Being a wayshower and light worker, I am here to help you with anything that is blocking you from your success. In the readings , or healings it’s important to know that I am guided by my divine intelligence to give you exactly what you need at the time of the session. 




Meet Me;

I was born in Salem Massachusetts and come from a very traditional Greek family. Coming from a long line of Greek psychic women healers dating back five generations, both my maternal and paternal sides. From a young age, I was always sensitive and knowing who to trust or not. I have always fought my abilities. From a young age of three, I could see people’s auras and spirit in many different forms. I was afraid of the things that I knew about people and what was going on in their lives. 

We are all here for life lessons, I help with getting rid of any energies and things that do not serve you. I am here to help you find your souls purpose and your path. 

Current Offerings
  • Psychic/Mediumship

    155 US dollars
  • Mystic Night

    $65 to 155$ PP
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